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Main links

BBC Bitesize for ICT This is probably one of the best websites to help you learn about computers. It is full of useful links and extra information. It is designed with the School Curriculum in mind and has lots of useful information to help you get a good grade in your exam.

teach-ict This site has both information and quizzes for students and lesson plans and materials for teachers of IT. Links to this site have appeared on other pages throughout this website as additional information or alternative sources in relevant areas.

History of computing

A number of videos to help you understand the orgins of computing. The first is an overview of the computer museum based in the U.S.

  • The Computer Museum
  • Enigma and the Bombe pt1
  • Enigma and the Bombe pt 2
  • Alan Turing
  • Computer Pioneers

  • Computer Pioneers Part 1
  • Computer Pioneers Part 2
  • How a silicon chip is made

  • From sand to chip - Intel
  • How the Intel Processor is made
  • How the AMD chip is made
  • Just for fun

    In this video we can see a time lapse film of a PC being dismantled. PC strip down

    This video shows a PC being custom built using time lapse recording technique to speed up the actual process. The equipment used in this film is very expensive and will create a system capable of playing really high end games. High End PC build

    This is another video of a High End build. It's a bit longer at nearly 10 mins, but this actually took more than 3 hours to get it running. High End Build number 2

    This video was produced in 1990 and is based on a walk through computer. Walk through computer