Month: February 2010

Personal views and experiences

Dilema. Which course?

Looking ahead to the academic year 2010 to 2011 and I can’t decide which course is right for me. Business Information Systems 1. “On this course, you will develop the skills and experience to be able to work as a professional information systems designer and developer, particularly in environments where competence in systems analysis and…
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Interesting discussion in our Phes lecture yesterday from Damien Mills. Damien is a graduate of Portsmouth University, currently working for Lilly. He challenged us to consider our own brand and be mindful of our actions within our online social networks. Prospective employers actively search the internet for links about you when you apply for a…
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More Grades

Really pleased. Got 70% for JavaScript coursework and 70% for Origins of Computing Exam. Now I am just waiting for exam results for Socas and group coursework marks for DiSys. Began the new topics and Law looks to be the tough subject. Indac I am familiar with and Phes needs some commitment and effort. Should…
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More results

Very pleased. Got 70% in JavaScript programming and 70% in Origins of Computers. Just waiting for Socas and 2nd coursework for DiSys. Fingers crossed.