Month: November 2011

Personal views and experiences

Edcom group work update

Not bad we are 50% of the way there and the submission deadline is the 25th November 2011.  So my colleagues still have time to add their content and give me time to collect their references to produce the required digital submission. Annotated bibliographies are not as hard as they seem.  Select a source> read…
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Marking Criteria – developed as a tutor group to assess our projects

Educational Computing This is a different approach to course work marking that I have not come across before.  I found it really interesting to discuss as a group what we thought would be the best way to mark a project that was a ‘Pass‘ and what my sub-group called a ‘Pass +‘.  I suppose it…
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Mark Anderson’s Blog » Introduction to Google Forms

I have been following Mark, via Twitter, who writes the ictevanglist for a few weeks now and this post for Google Forms is excellent, so I thought I would share it with you. The best bit is the second screencast where he explains how to install Flubaroo, a script to calculate the test scores…
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reeds law

The potential for growth in networks and connections between individuals and the possiblity of maximizing your brand identity among many is exciting.  (Substitute brand for concepts or pollitical belief) I am thinking that if this theory was better used by certain sectors of society the possibility to act as a collective and achieve much with…
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Crap Detection 101 | City Brights: Howard Rheingold | an blog

An interesting read.  Makes some good points concerning credibility.  Check out the blog where he has links to a video log. In particular Reboot Britain where literacy is discussed together with the importance of social media.   Crap Detection 101 | City Brights: Howard Rheingold | an blog tags: UoP_eDOM engagement policy social…
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Group work troubles again!!

This topic has raised its ugly head once more.  (see my previous blog post) I am not going to go into the why’s and where fores, but I am increasingly disturbed by the lack of correspondence between group members.  I wonder how often some people check their University email?  Is this not the agreed method…
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Learning with ‘e’s: 20th Century flops?

Greta blog post by Steve Wheeler.  Supports nicely the annotated bibliography being created by my group into assistive technologies in the classroom.  It’s not just about catering for the disabled as many people might assume when the word assistive is used.  Learning with ‘e’s: 20th Century flops? tags: education UoP_EDCOM Posted from Diigo. The rest…
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Solar-Powered, Wired School Brings Learning to Rural Africa – Education – GOOD What a fantastic idea.  We need to do more of this around the world especially in the third world countries where facilities are less than adequate.

Useful websites to help you learn about computing

The BBC Webwise site contains lots of useful information to help you get started on your journey learning about computers.  A collection of short videos explain the fundamentals of computers and  some of the most common uses with a really good section on online safety.  Unfortunately this site is being closed as part of a…
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Late Night Ramblings Before Bed.

The first semester of this final year of my degree is already ramped up to the max; I have never had so much reading to do. I grant you some of this is my doing. I could have taken slightly different options and made life a little easier for myself. Back in May 2011 I…
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