Month: December 2011

Personal views and experiences

Development issues with Black Box website

For the most part the development of this website for the EdCom module in my third year has gone reasonably well.  The layouts that I have created work the way I had intend.  The graphics I have used are clear and the images I created are clear enough for the purpose. I took the photographs…
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Dissertations without fear –ASK session

Had an absolutely fantastic session today, discussing dissertations with a professional. Sarah Treloar from the University of Portsmouth ASDAC unit who is completing her third dissertation at the moment (my reason for saying she is a professional), led the session in the Library. She showed great skill in learning and remembering the names of 24…
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Black Box Project Screen Shots

Some screen shots of the project during development.   This is not a complete set of screen shots but a sample to give a flavour of the build of this website.

EDCOM Website Design Update 5/12/2011

Audience For this project the intended audience is 11-16 year olds studying ICT in a secondary school.  Their focus will be in learning the history of computing and also how the components work together to make a computer.  A basic technical knowledge will be explained so that students can recognise a part and understand its…
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Videos I would not use for my target audience

These videos while very informative and well made are above the level of most students aged 11-16 years.  They are more suited to ‘A’ level and Degree level revision of Computing. Colossus Part 1  A video about the Colossus machine which has been rebuilt and is housed in Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.  It was used…
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More useful sites for learning about computers – History

The sites in this section are mostly about the history of computing and provide good background material for general understanding.  The videos are suitable for 11 to 16 year olds with an interest in computing. Alan Turing considered to be one of the fore fathers of computing.  This video is a brief biography of Turing’s…
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Evaluating Online Educational Materials for Use in Instruction

Useful site with explanations. Evaluating Online Educational Materials for Use in Instruction tags: evaluating external web UoP_EDCOM Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.