Month: January 2012

Personal views and experiences

Project evaluation final

Well it was certainly eventful toward the end. Best laid plans don’t always work out. I am glad I had done the majority of the work prior to christmas 2011. Unfortunately just before christmas my marriage suffered some difficulties and my daughter and I had to move house at short notice. Luckily I have some…
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Creating the videos part 2

You can view the videos here .  I am reasonably pleased with them.. The only downside in my opinion is the sound quality, however it was only a webcam microphone that was being used and although the gain on the microphone was set quite high having 4 pc’s running in my room has a tendency…
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Link to my project.

Late Sunday evening (8/01/2012) I realised that the overall size of my project website was in excess of 38mb.  Victory the University of Portsmouth Virtual Learning Enviroment, to the best of my knowledge only allows you to upload a 10mb file, therefore I had a major issue.  Luckily I had my web server up and…
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Creating videos for the project part 1

Thjs morning I decided to create the videos for the help page of the project website.  The screencasting using BBFlash Express went well with a reasonable quality video and audio.  I remember doing something similar for another project and converting the generated BBFlash file to AVI.  This went ok and exported from the recorder and…
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Screen shots of the completed project

I have made some changes to the project as discussed in a previous post.  This was done to assist with accessibility. The completed prototype for the website.   Screenshot Description   The Accessibility page with guidance for the user and a useful link to a BBC Accessibility website which has lots of How to guides…
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A good guide to accessibility tweaks

While searching for accessibility controls I stumbled upon a guide from the BBC, which you can access here . Its full of useful how to guides and videos to help your users get the most out of their viewing experience when visiting your website.

Accessibility considerations for my project

Since the design stage of this website, accessibility has been a priority in the development of the site.  A number of applications have been tested in an effort to discover what might work best across the site. I have tested ATbar on the BlackBox site with mixed results.  I had planned to incorporate the ATBar…
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Project Evaluation Update part one

The development of this website has followed the plan created at the outset, focusing on the use of easily understood descriptions of the components of a computer.  External sources have been used to deliver information about the history of computing and how the silicon chip is made. It was felt that the use of video…
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More Resources for ICT This carefully crafted website contains absolutely everything you would need to learn about IT with great quizzes included.  The authors have given a lot of time to making the site really usable and easy to navigate.  The amount of information could be overwhelming if it had not been categorized so well.  There is plenty…
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Additional Resources

A site I particularly like is ICT Magic.  This Wiki created by Martin Burret has masses of links to ICT resources for teachers and learners alike.  His recommendations are really useful and new content is added regularly.  I follow him on Twitter and get the updates for his Wiki weekly.  I have found some of…
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