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A site I particularly like is ICT Magic.  This Wiki created by Martin Burret has masses of links to ICT resources for teachers and learners alike.  His recommendations are really useful and new content is added regularly.  I follow him on Twitter and get the updates for his Wiki weekly.  I have found some of the applications really useful and enjoy reading about how other teachers utilize the tools and applications.

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  1. Tony Skinner says:

    Tony I’ve honestly got to say that this is FANTASTIC!

    I’m just having a browse around the wiki now, found it a bit confusing at first I must say. I’ve got around that now and really all I can say is WOW! there’s some great stuff on here. Class Dojo is one that is particularly interesting me at present. I really hope the rest of the group take the time to look at this Wiki,

    Martin’s just gained another follower on Twitter 🙂

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