Creating videos for the project part 1

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Creating videos for the project part 1

Thjs morning I decided to create the videos for the help page of the project website.  The screencasting using BBFlash Express went well with a reasonable quality video and audio.  I remember doing something similar for another project and converting the generated BBFlash file to AVI.  This went ok and exported from the recorder and saved to the file I had created.

My problems began when I realised that in the previous example of this type of webpage I had used the HTML5 format to display the video as it does not require the user to have a player installed.  The format for this type of video file is OGV.  Now whilst there are convertors out there they are not free and £69 is more than I want to pay at the moment.  Then I remembered that I had used Ubuntu and a free convertor last time to generate the OGV file required to embbed the video in a webpage.

Ok so now I have a solution to my problem, what about Ubuntu?  The machine I have as a test bed for various software installs and testing different OS’s has currently got Windows Developer Preview on it, effectively Windows 8 Beta, together with Windows 7 64 Bit.  What to do?  I know, use a spare harddrive and install Ubuntu.   After about 2 hours messing around I had installed Ubuntu and now needed to find the convertor.  The version of Ubuntu I had decided to run was old, I think version 9.  The convertor I wanted is no longer supported in this version so now I have to upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu.

I will report back once this process is completed.

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  1. Tony Skinner says:

    Good luck with that Tony. If this does not work I found this site for a free converter. I’ve only had a brief look so I cannot honestly say if it holds any value.

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