Student Research Conference 2012

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Student Research Conference 2012

Today (14 March 2012) I will be presenting some of my research at the University of Portsmouth.  The event is organised by the School of Computing every year and local business leaders are invited to attend to review the work being done by students within the University.  This year I have been invited to participate and present findings from a pilot study that I have conducted as part of my final year project.  I took part during my first year when I demonstrated a web-based portfolio of my work and assessments.

Poster for Student Research Conference

Poster prepared for Student Research Conference 2012

The event will take place at Lion Gate 2.4c from 14:00.  I am hoping to collect some additional data whilst talking to other students and delegates that are attending.  A questionnaire based on the Google Forms questionnaire will be distributed to visitors in the hope that they can spare a few minutes to support the project and add to the sample that has been collected already (64 up to 14/3/2012).


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