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Looking forward

It’s been a while since I posted on this site. In fact far too long and I will endeavour to post more often in the future time permitting.

What’s been happening

I successfully completed my PGCE and was fortunate to secure a great job at a local school teaching Computer Science. The team I work with are dedicated and as in other schools stretched to capacity, although I am sure others would argue with that point.

My first year of teaching was a roller coaster ride, which left me in no doubt that I had made the right career choice, despite some of the lows. The people I work with are supportive and full of advice, it’s up to you to ask the right questions and disseminate what will be useful. As in all walks of life you must take responsibility for your own choices and actions. I don’t and won’t pass the buck, taking care to offer the same level of professional advice that I have benefitted from.

The training I have been given on the job, I am sure will see me through the toughest of situations, although I am hoping that in the future things will be a little different. To elaborate my future is looking bright and hopefully I will begin to rise through the ranks within the education system in the near future.

Computer Science is rapidly becoming a high demand subject and schools are struggling to fill vacancies, with ICT specialists feeling that they can’t cope with CS. In my opinion if you have taught ICT for more than a few years you have the skills to teach CS, you just have to remember the basics. Logic is at the top of the list, with function a close second. The hardware scheme of work is not so tough and I think the majority of ICT specialists can work their way around networks and protocols, so really that leaves the programming discipline to understand before you can teach it. The only way to secure this new skill is to practice it, in any language you like, although I would recommend Python as a first step. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you master the skills and many of the kids are pretty good at working things out, so challenge them to write the next bit of code and then get them to teach others.

My longterm goal is to manage a department and then become a Senior Member of the Management Team in an expanding school. With this in mind I aim to continue my professional development and begin a Masters Degree in Education as soon as possible. My special interest is ICT in the classroom for the less able, which could be something as simple as a Wii controller to interact with the whiteboard to allow students to participate more effectively with the content of a lesson.

Best get back to the marking and writing of lesson plans.

If you would like any help with Python drop me a line:


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