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A good guide to accessibility tweaks

While searching for accessibility controls I stumbled upon a guide from the BBC, which you can access here . Its full of useful how to guides and videos to help your users get the most out of their viewing experience when visiting your website.

More Resources for ICT This carefully crafted website contains absolutely everything you would need to learn about IT with great quizzes included.  The authors have given a lot of time to making the site really usable and easy to navigate.  The amount of information could be overwhelming if it had not been categorized so well.  There is plenty…
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Additional Resources

A site I particularly like is ICT Magic.  This Wiki created by Martin Burret has masses of links to ICT resources for teachers and learners alike.  His recommendations are really useful and new content is added regularly.  I follow him on Twitter and get the updates for his Wiki weekly.  I have found some of…
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Videos I would not use for my target audience

These videos while very informative and well made are above the level of most students aged 11-16 years.  They are more suited to ‘A’ level and Degree level revision of Computing. Colossus Part 1  A video about the Colossus machine which has been rebuilt and is housed in Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.  It was used…
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More useful sites for learning about computers – History

The sites in this section are mostly about the history of computing and provide good background material for general understanding.  The videos are suitable for 11 to 16 year olds with an interest in computing. Alan Turing considered to be one of the fore fathers of computing.  This video is a brief biography of Turing’s…
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Evaluating Online Educational Materials for Use in Instruction

Useful site with explanations. Evaluating Online Educational Materials for Use in Instruction tags: evaluating external web UoP_EDCOM Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Useful websites to help you learn about computing

The BBC Webwise site contains lots of useful information to help you get started on your journey learning about computers.  A collection of short videos explain the fundamentals of computers and  some of the most common uses with a really good section on online safety.  Unfortunately this site is being closed as part of a…
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