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Summer Break

I made it through!! Graduation was a great day (17/7/2012) I achieved a First Class Honours BSc Computing and Society.  It was great to see fellow graduands and their families enjoying the day and reminiscing with tutors and lecturers. I would like to acknowledge the help and support I received from friends and family as…
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Late Night Ramblings Before Bed.

The first semester of this final year of my degree is already ramped up to the max; I have never had so much reading to do. I grant you some of this is my doing. I could have taken slightly different options and made life a little easier for myself. Back in May 2011 I…
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INSAD – is making me sad!

Why is such an interesting topic proving to be so difficult? Fifteen Templates have been issued in a numbered pack, yet you should not approach it in a linear fashion! Some of the guidance notes and questions posed within the templates suggest that the client we are investigating would have approached us, and therefore this…
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Still climbiing that mountain

Well finally getting to grips with the new subjects and timetable for this semester. I really didn’t think a 5 day break from university would have left me with so much work to catch up on but I think I have finally turned the corner. The reading list is still large but the log book/diaries…
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INSAD – It Depends!!!

Ok so the theme of the lecture on monday was trying to encourage us to consider the impact of a solution to a problem within an organisation.  Did every question by a student require the answer “It Depends” from the tutor.  Sure it’s an important point but to spend a whole lecture asking the same…
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Group work

The benefits of group work are many and well documented. However is it necessary for all modules on a given course to incorporate this feature. As a mature student who has spent time in a variety of roles, the exercise of team work has become tiresome. I believe this practice needs review. It can be…
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Had my WebAud (Web Authoring and Design) assessment today.  Felt it went really well.  Had to talk about how the course went and what I feel I have achieved and provide the evidence.  The assessment was carried out in the normal tutorial room and observed by the unit tutor.  Hope we dont have to wait…
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New Year

Well christmas was great and I really enjoyed having my girls to stay.  The New Year was great to and had a lovely evening with friends.  Not so keen on the snow we have at the moment, its hampering work and travelling to university.  Still I am getting loads of extra home study done and…
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My First Post

Where to begin? Think I will have a read and see how to configure this Blog.