Felt the SOCAS exam went really well. Now I’m just waiting for the results. Had a bit of a mare at the begining though. First computer wouldn’t log on. Second PC logged on but just halted. IT services reset my user profile then I managed to log on. Thirty minuites into the exam and i haven’t started. Managed to read through it all then caught up and finished 5 minuites after everyone else after I was allocated extended time.

ORC exam out the way SOCAS to go!!

Exam didn’t go to bad today.  Just a shame to have to wait so long for the results.  A few interesting questions.   Got work over the weekend and off to Swindon on Tuesday.  SOCAS exam on thursday.  Then a week off before the new semester.  Introduction to Business Law is one of the new subjects we begin in February, bet there is loads of reading involved.


Had my WebAud (Web Authoring and Design) assessment today.  Felt it went really well.  Had to talk about how the course went and what I feel I have achieved and provide the evidence.  The assessment was carried out in the normal tutorial room and observed by the unit tutor.  Hope we dont have to wait to long for the marks.

Got 2 weeks free revision time now.  Then exams.

New Year

Well christmas was great and I really enjoyed having my girls to stay.  The New Year was great to and had a lovely evening with friends.  Not so keen on the snow we have at the moment, its hampering work and travelling to university.  Still I am getting loads of extra home study done and WordPress is all part of it.  A great tutorial written by Rich has helped me get my other WordPress running under localhost.  Glad I actually did it at home on my own, some how seems more of an achievement.