Second Year Semester One Grades

Really happy at the moment with the grades I have achieved. I know they are only provisional but I hope that they won’t change too much.

e-commerce 76% overall
Databases 80% overall
INSAD 82% overall (Intermediate Systems Analysis and Design)
RSMET 71% overall (Research Methods)

This next semester will be tough. Five new modules and only one exam, the rest are reading and long essay’s, with a little design work to build a prototype for a social network thrown in for good measure, with the complication of creating an additional mobile app for the same interface.

Ok update for this post. The grades are final.

Picture of semester 1 year 2 grades

Second Semester

At last the second semester is under way. It feels like so long when we have a break but I long for a few days off, especially as weekends are filled with working for Tesco.

My first lot of provisional results have come through. I got 80% overall for Databases which I am very pleased with 75% in the exam and 83% for the coursework. I hope this trend can continue. My thanks to my tutor Ronel she was patient and always made time to answer my questions.

This semester I have 5 new modules to read and I am quite excited by some of the areas we will be covering. More on this later as we get into the meat of the subjects.