Student Associate Scheme

Sadness looms. I have had a great time learning and sharing on my placement at a local boys school. The staffs at the school have really made me feel welcome and I have enjoyed every moment. I know I am taking the right route now in my endeavour to have a change of career.

The hours have been long this last month with 3 days on placement every week and lectures to squeeze in. The weekends are owned by a supermarket giant, the bills still need paying. I motivate myself by saying “It’s an investment in the future” which I truly believe, I just wish there was a more secure way to achieve it.

The next big question to answer is do I sit a PGCE or look to a GTP in a school training on the job?

I suppose I had better get my third year out-of-the-way first and that means I need to concentrate on one exam, two design projects with accompanying reports, two essays and two case studies, and another report for Knowledge Management Concepts. All due between the 5th and 12th May.

Hopefully the page updates will be more frequent when all this is out-of-the-way.