Second Year Results

It’s been a great year overall. I have really enjoyed the units, some of which were compulsory and others which I opted for. There was only one unit which let me down,Knowledge Management Concepts, and through a few discussions within the University and the Student Staff Consultative Committee, it will be run as per the Unit Description on the Unit Web Search as from September 2011.

unit marks 2011

The Unit Assessment Board connected to the Portsmouth Business School is delaying confirmation of KMANCON results without an explanation.  I will update this post once I know more.


Ok here is the update.  29-06-2011

All unit marks have been confirmed.  Looks like I am still on course for a first class degree which is my aim and stepping stone to my PGCE in IT.  I will be spending the summer reading everything I can lay my hands on to give me a head start on the final year.