Summertime almost over

Well the weather really has not been that great.  The motorbike is off the road at the moment, but with the weather the way it is I really don’t mind too much.  Hopefully I will have her up and running again sometime this week once the supplier sends the correct parts.  This will be the second delivery and if they get it wrong this time there’s gonna be trouble.

Had some really exciting news this last week.  Amy my eldest daughter has done really well at college and achieved a triple grade distinction, what an amazing result.  She is going to be starting University this September (2011) studying Creative Media and Technologies.  I am so proud of all she has managed to achieve.

This coming school year I will be the Technology Faculty Representative, as I understand I will be guiding the Course Reps and sitting on a lot of meetings for and on behalf of students and the Student Union, this should give me a good insight into the deeper workings of the university and I hope allow me to help improve things for students.

Finally for this post I received an email from the Student Associate Scheme informing me that I had been awarded the Student of the Year award.  This was for my work placement achievements during my time at Portsmouth City Boy’s School, which I have to add I really enjoyed and has made me more determined to become an educator.