Book Review – The Dying Light by Henry Porter

What a brilliant read, I’d love to recommend this book to everybody.

It certainly opened my eyes to a few things governments can get up to without the public really being aware.  For instance the Civil contingencies Act 2004 with this Act our Government can invoke a state of emergency and basically turn the UK into a Police State, giving the PM ultimate power.  Whilst this may be useful in some circumstances we do live in a democracy and this type of power could easily be mis-used.

Henry Potter tells a brilliant story from the point of view of a journalist with incredible insight.  He does not attempt to re-write the classic 1984 or compete with it, however what he does achieve is a modern thriller which explores the current state of affairs we find ourselves within the UK, with mass CCTV coverage coupled with the ability to track and listen to every single mobile communication device in use.  This leads to an exciting story which explores the practicalities of the Civil Contingencies Act as we follow the main character Kate Lockhart on an exciting journey to clear the name of a friend.